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Top Five Cruise Activities

A cruise is one of the most popular holiday choices due to the amount of different places you are able to see in a short space of time, being on the open water and the excitement of being on board a large cruise ship, which can be considered a holiday in itself.


During a cruise there will be periods of time where you are just at sea and have to wait a day or two until you have reached the next destination on your journey. There are plenty of things to do and see whilst you are on board the ship and benefits to make the most of to make your holiday a truly remarkable break.

Enjoy the Entertainment

Cruise ships will have a full list of activities and entertainment opportunities to keep guests entertained throughout the stay on ship.
Swimming facilities
Sports facilities
There is something to entertain everyone, no matter what your preferences, whether it is quiet and relaxing or energetic and adventurous. The entertainment is all there for you to benefit from and not only is it a great way to pass the time, but it also provides a holiday with a difference.

There is something for children and adults alike and checking the daily newsletter will ensure you know what is happening and when, so you never have to miss out.

The Star Princess is a Princess Cruises cruise...

The Star Princess is a Princess Cruises cruise ship currently undergoing repairs in Bremerhaven. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rest and Relaxation

The overall purpose of a holiday is to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and be able to gain some type of rest and relaxation, even if your holiday is filled with different sources of entertainment and activity, there is always the opportunity to wind down, especially on board the ship.
Sun deck
Adult only deck
Quiet areas
Reading material
The above are all provided within the cruise ship and can give you the perfect alternative to the hustle and bustle of the rest of the ship.

Fine Dining

The food is one of the most talked about aspects of a holiday and a cruise break should not mean this is any different. The dining facilities on board are just as good, if not better than a hotel and all meals are provided for everyone on board, with a whole range of foods being offered all day long.

There is a standard cruise ship etiquette that must be followed to make the dining experience work for both you and your fellow passengers.

Traditional Fixed Seating

A specific table at a certain time is booked for you and your party. This option is perfect if you have children travelling with you, or if you wish to have eaten your meal by a set time.

Open Seating Dining

Turning up to the restaurant without a prior booking means you are given any table that is available and it is ideal if you wish to have the freedom of eating simply when you are hungry rather than adhering to a specific time.


Join In

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of passengers on the ship and keep yourself to yourself. For the best possible cruise experience, joining in with activities and entertainment and attempting to meet other guests will make your time out at sea a truly enjoyable experience with new people.
Holiday friends can often become life-long friends, as having similar holiday tastes will follow with similar tastes in a range of different areas.


Try New Things

It is easy to be stuck in your old ways and this is particularly true for those who have enjoyed a cruise holiday before. But, for first timers, it is the best idea to try a little bit of everything and embrace the cruise ship experience.

It is essential to remember that you are on holiday to let go, to relax, and to have a good time and princess cruises are the best opportunity to fully embrace the holiday attitude.






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