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Nuremberg on the Mind

If you ignore the weather, spring is almost here. For us in the travel industry, the coming of spring is equatable to a yearly rebirth of sorts. For this very reason, it is my favourite times of the year, for not only is it warm and sunny once again (thank GOD!) but the arrival of warm weather means that it is time once again to explore little known, or perhaps well known but not obvious, holidaying destinations.

Nuremberg. Nürnberg.

Nuremberg means many different things to many people. Undoubtedly, the city has a tragic history it wishes to get past. In spite of a lengthy medieval and early modern history, what sticks out in people’s minds more than anything when thinking of Nuremberg is its history as the site of Hitler’s conventions after his rise to power – the Nuremberg rallies. The Nuremberg Laws depriving German Jews of their citizenship were passed here in 1935. Nazi architecture can still be seen around the city, although around 90% of the city was wiped out through Allied bombings in 1945. After the war, Nazi war criminals were tried here in the Nuremberg Trials.

Alright, it’s not a city that spring immediately to mind when considering holiday getaways. However that is unfortunate because not only is there an extensive cultural history that predates the 20th century hidden in the (now restored) medieval architecture seen around the city, it is also an easily accessible relaxing vacation spot for the entire family, perfect for a weekend trip.

For one thing, budget airlines Ryanair and Cityjet have launched service to the nearby airport which itself is only a 13 minute train ride away from the city center. Once here, the 23 Euro Nurnberg Card will give you unlimited access to public transportation as well as entry to several major museums for to days.

In terms of sightseeing, there is much and more to do in and around the city. The castle, a standing symbol of the Nuremberg imperial powers has fantastic grounds. If you start your stroll from below the castle, the path will lead you to square at Beim Tiergärtnertor and the Albrecht Dürer House. The latter is the only surviving house of a Rennaissance artist located outside of Italy.

Make sure to also stop by Unschlittplatz, which is home to a fantastic medieval fountain, one of many located around the city. The Our Lady Church is also worth a stop, the fresh food market in front of the church even more so. And in case you need a reminder that you are indeed in Bavaria, check out the Nürnberger Alm – a traditional Bavarian Inn built to look like an alpine chalet. Indulge in your favourite Bavarian beer at leisure here.

Picture taken in Nuremberg. Way of Human Rights.

However, a stark reminder of the city’s turbulent past as an iconic Nazi city is the Way of Human Rights. It is a set of stone pillars on which are engraved the 30 articles of the UN declaration.

Finish off your trip with a stroll through the iconic park designed by Albert Speer, Hitler’s Architect-in-chief. Stand and walk through the rally grounds where the crowds that worshipped Hitler once stood – it is a chilling yet fascinating sight.

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