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Things to do in Berlin

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Great city, cheap, safe and a lot of history. Great architecture, museums and people.

Welcome to Berlin, the capital city of Germany. It’s also its largest city with a population of over 3.5 million residents. First time visitors will be pleased to learn that Berlin is more than the hustle and bustle of the city, as a third of it is composed of parks, forests, gardens, lakes and rivers. Bus trips are a common choice for tourists seeking to savor the several tourist attractions. Some buses even contain commentaries that guide the visitors and suggest the attractions they can visit.

Top on the sight seeing list should be the Brandenburg Gate, which has become synonymous with the city. It is the most photographed of all Berlin attractions. Built in the 1700s, it still stands magnificently at the center of Berlin, with a beautiful sculpture of the goddess of victory riding at the top. The ‘Story of Berlin’ exhibition is well worth a visit and it gives every visitor a trip down memory lane. It was commissioned over 300 years ago and has been restored over the years. It showcases details of the Berlin history from the 13th century to date. On display are some original sections of the Berlin walls among other artifacts. Potsdamer Platz is the main square with commercial and residential property. There are a variety of shopping malls, restaurants and cinemas. There is also a viewing point that stands about 100 meters above the street and offer a spectacular scenery over Berlin.

Lovers of history will be spoilt for choice by the wide variety of Berlin museums. Kathe Kollwitz museum for example is named after an artist who was recognized for her artwork that captured the pains suffered by the residents of this place. Years after her death, the museum displays her finest sculptures, drawings and etchings. The private museum is located close to some of the city’s most civilized caves and is open daily. Neues is another museum that has been refurbished after being bombed out in 1945. It has been remoulded into a striking building which still preserve the original walls and surviving texture details, a perfect story of man’s ability to preserve. The historical Berlin wall Memorial also hosts a museum to preserve the memory of the tragic scenes of 1961 when the city was divided. The museum island is also a must see hosting 5 world class museums and the Berlin cathedral.

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Tiergarten otherwise known as the green heart of Berlin. Set out on over 600 acres, it is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the leafy paths, lush lawns and beer gardens. Whether looking to take a leisure stroll, escape from the hustle of the city or reminisce quietly, the park is the place to be. Restaurants are also in plenty and offer a variety of traditional, local and international cuisine. Popular restaurants include Aigner, Grill royale and Oktagon. Top on their menu are dishes like spatzle (nodules), currywurst and black forest cherry cake. Nightlife combines night walks, bars, clubbing scenes and live music. Visit today and experience the wonders of Berlin.

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