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A guide to visiting Milan

Review of: Milan
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Great city for fasion addicts.

Milan is known as one of the style capitals of the world, and with good reason. As soon as you arrive in the city it becomes apparent that the locals are impeccably dressed. For example, I am a collector of watches, so it came as some surprise to me that nearly everyone I saw was wearing a very expensive watch. Even in comparison to places with a much higher per capita GDP that I had visited in the past, the locals tend to wear clothing that costs a lot of money. I had never seen this before on such a scale. They take their style very seriously in this city.

As well as being impeccably dressed, the average resident of the city tends to look after themselves, I would say they are above average in attractiveness, both male and female. Perhaps it’s the diet, as the local food here is spectacular.

When you buy Italian food back home, you tend to get a very watered down version of it, real Italian cuisine is amongst the very best in the world. I was only in the city for a few days and only in Italy for one week, however, I don’t think I had one meal that wasn’t delicious. Even the coffee is so much better than you would get back home. One tip though, if you ask for a Latte at one of the restaurants in Italy, you will literally be given a glass of milk rather than a coffee. Another thing to watch out for is that eating out in Milan can be quite expensive, so it’s best to look for the places where the locals dine as many of the tourist traps can be quite pricey.


The culture and particularly the night life in Milan is very relaxed, eating a meal outside of a restaurant is much less of an event in Milan and more of a way of life.

The main reason I wanted to visit Milan was to visit the San Siro. It is one of the few remaining real shrines to association football, and since the old Wembley Stadium was demolished in the UK, I would say that it ranks as the best, most atmospheric football stadium in the world.

It certainly ranks among one of the top things to do and see amongst the city’s attractions. I timed my visit to coincide with the local derby between AC Milan and Inter Milan, and the full stadium covered in red and blue is one of the sights I will cherish for the rest of my life. And the sound of so many supporters singing together sends a shiver down your spine. On television, the sound of the San Siro can sometimes sound quite muted in comparison to other stadiums (especially English ones as the fans are so much closer to the pitch in England). In person however, the sound is deafening.

There are many museums in Milan and if you can, I would recommend tours of most of them. I particularly like the Pinacoteca Di Brera as I have an appreciation for fine art. Tours with a guide start at thirty two euros per person. There is much to see and do when taking in the culture of the city, but visiting the many museums is very special as it almost gives a sense of being back in the renaissance.

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