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Luxurious Things To Do in Rome


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5 most luxurious things to do in Rome.

1. Take apéritivo at Gilda

The prices can be a little steep here, but it’s worth it for the taste of Italian nightlife you get. Downtown and with a disco feel, this hip hangout caters to 20- and 30-somethings. Soccer players, models and celebrities of all kinds like to let their hair down here at the weekends. With a late license, t’s the place to be for martinis and dancing until dawn.

[Forum Boario, Rome, Italy] (LOC)


2. Dine on seafood at Ristorante Eleonora D’Arborea

This Sardinian eatery encompasses everything that’s so great about dining out in Rome, from the simple, elegant décor and slick service, to the mouth-wateringly fresh ingredients and intimate feel. Seafood is a top choice here and you can be sure what whatever you choose has been freshly plucked from the Med that very day.  Choose a delicious carpaccio of sea bass, classic oysters, or a dish of fettuccini with calamari, zucchini blossoms and saffron. This is a very authentic place, not showy from the outside, which draws in many locals for a special meal.

3. Get with the glamour at Antico Caffe della Pace

This glamorous 19th century bar in the tiny piazza of Santa aria della Pace attracts Rome’s rich and beautiful people like bees to honey. It’s classic Rome, making it a great hangout for visitors to the city. The cappuccinos are fantastic and the snacks draw in celebrities. Things can get a bit wild on a Saturday night, but it’s all part of the fun.

English: Entrance of the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome


4. Watch the ballet at Teatro dell’Opera

This elegant theatre first opened in 1880 and having been through a number of incarnations, now shows world-class opera and ballet performances throughout the year. The acoustics of this space are said by many to be the best in the world, and the delightful domed and frescoed ceiling is a distraction from the talented performers on stage. To get the best seats at the front of the stalls or a private box, be sure to book online in advance of your trip, or get your hotel to seek you out some exclusive tickets.

5. Wind down at Kami Spa

After a few days in Rome, you may be starting to feel the effects of the whirling traffic and late-night cocktails, so why not make like the fash pack and check in to one of the city’s best spas for a recharge? Kami Spa offers the very best Asian-style treatments and a beautiful Turkish bath, making this is a great place to pamper yourself along with a loved one in a beautifully private spa suite. The Oriental massages are amazing.

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