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British Beach Places in Top Ten Best Beaches of 2013. Aussies Angry.

Okay, own up, you guys – did anybody vote in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice? If so, were you the one who voted Rhossili Bay, Swansea, UK into the top ten? Because if you did, Australia is mad at you.

Parascending at Rhossili Bay, Gower

As you can see from the above picture, there is  nothing wrong about Rhossili Bay in South Wales – there’s blue water, there’s sand, there’s green fields surrounding the sand. There is also an average water temperature of around 11 degrees centigrade, with a high of 18 degrees on the warmest days of summer. It’s been a while since I’ve swum in natural waters that are not steamy and Caribbean or preheated swimming pools, but from what I remember of summers spent swimming in northern Europe, 18 degrees is still bone-chillingly cold and not something an average person would willingly put themselves through on a daily basis. I may be biased though – I’m always at least a little bit cold. But seriously, wouldn’t swimming in the warm waters (ranging from 16 degrees all the way to 25 degrees) of Bondi Beach in Sydney be more pleasurable? Btw, world famous Bondi Beach in Sydney did not make the top ten which is why some Aussies are seriously pissed off. Screw the hundreds of poisonous jellyfish that attack bathers each year, Bondi Beach has surfing body builders!!! And what does Rhossili have, except killer fish and chips??

Bondi Beach

My favourite part of the Rhossili Bay fiasco is the reaction of some of the ultra-defensive Brits to the Aussie indignation. Namely that being able to enjoy frolicking in waters of 6 degrees is something that something only a Brit would do because only the British have the determination and true British resolve necessary to not freeze their private parts off.

Um, guys? You know we can see you when you go completely insane en masse every summer in Magaluf, right? Seriously, they’ve made documentaries about it.

To be completely honest, I really don’t see the point of comparing the two. Aussie beaches are fantastically hot, especially for northern foreigners like myself but they are tropical and some sun is always lovely. And yes, the bodybuilders and surfers are a nice touch, amiright ladies? British beaches on the other hand are chilly, but the fresh air and beautiful scenery more than make up for it as long as you don’t attempt swimming on anything but a very warm day. And yes, the fish and chips are freaking amazing. Why must we compare and rate opposites? Just visit both!

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